The Personal Single Malt Whisky
Made in Berlin
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Whisky made for you

Das Cask is your very own single malt, matured in a small 30-liter cask. Made to your taste from a range of malt spirits and cask types, the result is a truly unique whisky.

A rare experience

As your whisky matures in our warehouse, you will be regularly invited to come and sample it and experience its maturation from new make to bottle. This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into the creation process of single malt and experience this fascinating spirit from behind the scenes.

Made for Friendship

Enjoying Das Cask on your own is a thrilling experience. But shared with friends, it becomes truly sublime. Buy, sample, bottle and enjoy it together with those you love, and you’ll have memories—and whisky—to share for many years to come.

Just enjoy it

The ultimate experience for the true whisky lover, buying a cask of single malt is often a complicated and expensive undertaking. We’ve figured out all the details for you so that you can enjoy this unique experience without the hassle and the hidden costs.

Berlin inside

Matured in our warehouse in Berlin, your whisky will become a product of the city as it takes on the character of its surroundings throughout maturation. We make urban whisky, and we’re proud of it.

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