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Create exclusively for you

Das Cask is the first Whisky maker fully dedicated to creating bespoke single malt whiskies.

Working with a Scottish distillery and a German cooperage, we bring you the finest unaged malt spirits and 30 litre casks re-coopered by hand to create your personal Single Malt Whisky. We carefully watch the maturation of your cask in our Berlin warehouse, at a location disclosed only to cask owners. Once per year, we invite you to come and visit your cask and discover how oak and time shape its character over time.

We take you through every step of the process over the years to fulfill your vision of your personal Whisky. More than just a world class Whisky, Das Cask will be the highlight of your passion for the king of spirits.

Your vision

We give you unprecedented control over the creation of your Whisky with the following parameters:

Peat & smoke.  Whether you prefer a fruity Speyside, a mildly smokey Campbeltown or an intensely peated Islay, only Das Cask can fine tune the level of peatedness/smokeyness to best suit your palate.

Cask.  You choose the type of cask you like best. Our standard offering includes Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks. However, we have many more types of casks at our disposal. Of course, we can finish your Whisky in separate cask if you so wish. All our casks have a bulk capacity of 30 Litres.

Maturation.  Your cask may stay in our warehouse as long as it needs to: We only fill it once you say it’s ready. We assume most 30-Litre casks will require 3 to 5 years of maturation, and 6 years are included in the price. (Your cask must stay at least 3 years at our facility.)

Bottling.  From Cask Strength to a milder 40% abv., we can bottle your Whisky at any strength you desire. With various bottle sizes and ample customisation options for the label, we guarantee you a personal bottling that will look and feel as valuable as the liquid inside.

Personal advice

Das Cask stands for quality, passion and friendship. You will feel this at every step of your journey with us. We believe that personalised advice and world class service are a must.

Whether in person in the comfort of your own home or simply over the phone, we provide personalised advice and guidance throughout the entire process, in order to assess your preferences and find the best cask configuration for you.

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Your journey to your personal whisky starts right at home

Your personal Samples Set

How does our Malt Spirit taste at various levels of peatedness/smokiness? What aromas does a bourbon or a sherry cask bring?

After a quick conversation to assess your preferences, receive a small set of Malt Spirit samples to discover and taste at your own pace.

The Whisky Creator’s Tasting

Available in Berlin and NRW.

Discover in-person advice in its most exclusive form with our Whisky Creator’s Tasting, an truly unforgettable experience in the comfort of your own home.

Because Life can be so much more

The value of Time

In the era of instant gratification, Das Cask offers those who want to live their lives more purposefully a compelling alternative to mass production and a fast paced life.

Let us embark together on a journey, not for the duration of the transaction, but for several years. Let us discover together over time the emerging character of your cask.

Thinking long-term, shaping one’s own life mindfully, collecting memories and experiences rather than material possessions, these are some of the values that our customers have in common.

The value of friendship

A cask is a wonderful thing to share. What better way to deepen a friendship than with memories for life and enough Whisky for everyone?

Let the yearly ritual of the visit of your cask in our warehouse to discover its developing character become the pulse of the friendship.

Or give a business relationship more depth by sharing a cask with your best employees, your most important partners or most loyal customers, and show your appreciation for a special business relationship in this most elegant way.

A work of passion

Behind Das Cask is the vision of one person, Carl Seleborg, founder and owner of the company.

Das Cask is a true work of passion. Passion for Whisky, of course, but also passion for stellar service and highest quality. And for people.

Pricing examples

All prices including 6 years of maturation, yearly sampling, standard bottling in 0,7L bottles at Cask Strength and shipping of the bottled Whisky to Germany. Incl. 19% VAT.

Fruity and unpeated, matured in a Bourbon cask

2.186,00 €

Lightly smoky, matured in a Sherry cask.

2.425,00 €

Ultra-peated, matured in a Bourbon cask, with shipping of the cask itself along with the bottled whisky.

3.185,00 €

Das Cask sounds like something for you?

How to get started

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Please note that our Whisky Creator’s Tasting is only available in Berlin and nearby towns and in NRW.

Ask us anything

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We’re always happy to hear from interested Whisky enthusiasts and answer any question.

Come see us

Most of the time, we work quietly in our maturation warehouse in Berlin. Only cask owners know its exact location.

That’s why we look forward to the following upcoming events, where we hope to meet whisky enthusiasts and share the passion. If you live in the area, we’d love to see you there!

Guest tasting

The Bespoker


21 March, 16:00

Wildenbruchstraße 41 40545 Düsseldorf

Invitation only.