Personalised Samples Set

Request your Samples Set to explore our malt spirits and cask types at your own leisure.

After a short phone conversation to understand your preferences, we will create a personalised Samples Set we believe contains the most relevant choices and ship it to you.

Get up to 50 € of the Samples Set price reimbursed with your subsequent cask order.


Personalised Sample Set
(3 Samples)

  • 3 samples (1cl, 63% vol.) of our Scottish Malt Spirits, differently peated according to your taste.
  • Wood chips samples reproducing the aromas of our casks.
  • Free phone call beforehand to assess your preferences.
  • Free shipping (Germany)

24 €

Additional Malt Spirit sample
1 cl, 63% vol.

+ 3 €

Additional sample from one of our maturing casks
1 cl, approx. 63% vol. Subject to availability.

+ 4 €

All prices incl. 19% VAT.

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You will receive your set per mail with an invoice. Up to 50€ will be deducted from a subsequent cask order.

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We will assess your preferences directly over the phone and define your personalised samples set together.

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