How it works

Create your whisky

Start with choosing your type of cask between ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry (Oloroso) or other types of wood we may have available. All our casks are 30 liters in capacity. After that, tune the malt spirit to your taste, from unpeated to heavily peated and anything in between. We’ve gone to great lengths to source the best casks and spirits so that you’ll get an exceptional whisky no matter what.

Let us watch over it

Once we’ve filled your cask with your spirit, we’ll rack it and keep it in our warehouse for a minimum of three years and a day, closely monitoring its maturation to ensure the highest possible quality, fixing small leaks and doing our best to keep those greedy angels away. Your cask can stay for as long as it needs, you decide when it’s ready. 6 years of storage are included in the base price, though we expect most casks to reach peak maturity in 3–5 years due to their small size. 

Come and visit

We want you to experience the maturation of your whisky from beginning to end, so we’ll regularly invite you to come and sample it at our warehouse. We’re in Berlin and easy to reach by public transport, so you won’t even need a car! If you can’t come, let us know and we’ll mail you a sample.

Time to bottle it

We want your whisky to be the best it can be, so when we find it has reached peak maturity, we will make a recommendation that it be bottled shortly. However, you have of course the final say as to when your whisky really should be bottled.

Our flexible process allows you to choose between different sizes of bottles and any alcohol strength you wish from cask strength down to 40%. You can even mix and match (a few smaller bottles at 40% will make wonderful gifts to friends and family).

Of course, we’ll let you participate if you want—a great way to celebrate the end of this fantastic journey! After that, you can either take your bottles with you, or have them shipped to a location of your choice.


Payment happens in two steps. When you place your order, you pay for the spirit, the warehousing as well as our basic bottling and shipping options.

At the time of bottling and shipping, we may have other options for you to consider, and you will have the opportunity to purchase the wooden cask in which your spirit matured. Any difference in price will then be settled prior to shipping.

Coming soon

We’re almost there! We will start taking orders soon, and will publish all the details about the pricing in due time. Sign up for our newsletter below to be among the first to be notified.