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Live in Berlin? Enjoy our exclusive Whisky Creator's Tasting experience in the comfort of your own home to determine the right flavor profile for you.


Select, fill and sign your own cask with us at our warehouse. Pre-order customers will have their names engraved on a metal plaque to show our appreciation.

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Exclusive Tasting

As a pre-order customer, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our Whisky Creator's Tasting experience in the comfort of your own home for free. Let us guide you through the creation of your own cask of whisky in a nice, relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Only available in Berlin

Pricing and Terms

Whisky Creator's Tasting Free
Only available in Berlin
Your Cask (30 litres)
Base price 1.986,00 
Malt spirit, Scotland
○○○○ "Unpeated" + 0,00 
●○○○ "A Hint of Peat" + 15,00 
●●○○ "Lightly Peated" + 75,00 
●●●○ "Heavily Peated" + 225,00 
●●●● "Smoke Alarm" + 750,00 
Wood type
Ex-Bourbon + 0,00 
Ex-Sherry Oloroso + 100,00 
Standard bottling & Shipping to Germany + 200,00 
Keep the cask (incl. shipping) + 250,00 
Storage beyond 6 years + 200,00  / year

Das Cask is your own bespoke single malt whisky, created from unaged malt spirit sourced from a single Scottish distillery and matured under our supervision in our warehouse in Berlin in a 30-litre cask.

This is a pre-order offer. Your cask will be filled during the first quarter of 2019, once our warehouse is operational. We will notify you as soon as this is the case to make an appointment for you to come and fill your own cask if you wish. We will also engrave your name on a metal plate displayed in our warehouse.

The base price includes the creation of your personal spirit blend, the use of a wooden cask, quality control, 3 to 6 years of maturation and a yearly invitation to come and sample your spirit at our warehouse or receive a small sample by mail (in Germany).

The spirit has to mature for at least 3 years in our warehouse. We will perform regular quality controls. Should we find that further maturation would be detrimental to the quality of your spirit, we will contact you to recommend bottling. Beyond this point, we can no longer guarantee the quality of the spirit. Ultimately though, you decide how long the spirit remains in the cask. Beyond the 6th year, an additional 200 € is due at the beginning of each further year of maturation.

You will have the opportunity to place your pre-order by filling out our pre-order form (contact us to request our pre-order form). Within a few days, we will send you your invoice with payment instructions (payment via SEPA wire transfer). Confirmed reception of the total amount is a pre-requisite for filling your cask. You have the right to retire from this sale if we haven't filled your cask by 1 July 2019. Should this occur, we shall contact you immediately and refund you the full amount if you so request.

After your cask has been filled, you will receive a certificate stating that you are the legal owner of the contents of the cask. The certificate will mention the unique cask number with which your cask can be identified.

Please read our general terms and conditions and our withdrawal instructions for additional details.

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