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Berlin-based Das Cask is the world’s first independent bespoke whisky maker focused exclusively on producing custom casks of single malt whisky for private and corporate customers.

Using rare, unaged premium malt spirits sourced from a single traditional Scottish distillery and a variety of wood types, each 30-litre cask is made to very high standards and is absolutely unique.

“We embark on a multi-year journey with each customer and involve them at every step of the way, from specifying the spirit blend and cask type through regularly tasting the aging product at the warehouse to bottling the matured whisky. Das Cask is all about quality, passion and friendship,” says founder and CEO Carl Seleborg.

The brand Das Cask belongs to owner-led company Seleborg Distilling GmbH, founded in 2016. Based in Berlin, the company operates its maturation warehouse in the borough of Neukölln, at a location disclosed only to cask owners. Prices for the German market start at 2.186,00€. Customers based in Berlin can book a private tasting event at home called the Whisky Creator’s Tasting and get personalized advice directly from the brand owner Carl Seleborg.

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