As whisky continues to grow worldwide, so does the distance between the consumer, increasingly hungry for knowledge and authenticity, and the global corporations producing this fascinating spirit.

Das Cask was created in reaction to this trend to focus exclusively on the creation of bespoke single malt whisky. 

In spring 2014, whisky enthusiast Carl Seleborg’s project to build yet another craft distillery would take an unexpected turn. Having travelled to Perthshire, Scotland to learn the nitty gritty details of whisky production in a small whisky distillery, Carl came home more impressed by the staff’s openness and willingness to share their passion and secrets than by the actual making of his favorite spirit. He decided to make sharing his passion and knowledge of whisky with each and every customer the cornerstone of his endeavour.

Thus was born the idea of Das Cask, a brand dedicated to bespoke whisky. Much like a tailor, but for finest single malts, each creation would be unique and made for, and with, the individual customer.

The search for funding and for a location for such a unique operation began in earnest in early 2016. The initial plan was to build a distillery. But however impressed the banks were by Carl’s meticulous research and planning, they were unwilling to fund such a novel business model. Undeterred, he started calling one Scottish distillery after another and, ignoring the warnings that he was on an impossible quest—sourcing unaged malt spirit from Scotland—ended up finding one distillery willing to listen to his story. He travelled to Scotland, pleaded with passion and sincerity, and finally received his shipment of unaged malt spirit in Berlin. In the meantime, he had secured a small but well suited space, with good maturation conditions, and successfully navigated Berlin’s notoriously stringent and bureaucratic fire safety regulations. After more than 18 months of perseverance, and with his life’s savings poured into it, his vision for a manufacture for bespoke whisky became reality when on May 17th, 2019, together with some of his early customers, an Oloroso Sherry cask was filled with 30 liters of gently peated malt spirit. Das Cask had officially started production.

This is only the beginning of the Das Cask story. The ambition is clear: To create and grow the first brand completely dedicated to bespoke whisky, where passion, quality and friendship matter. The journey will be written by those customers Das Cask was built for. Those who go their own way and for whom only bespoke will do. Those with the strength of character to let the cask add its magic to their creation and turn it into a truly unique Single Malt Whisky of the highest quality.